Xbox One controller created for people with one hand

Xbox One controller created for people with one hand.

Benjamin Heckendorn, best known for his video game hardware modifications recently revealed an Xbox One adapted for people who can only use his right hand, which will be donated to the Able Gamers Foundation.

As seen in the first images, the control has left trigger down the right and the D-pad in the back. The left bumper is right next to the stick and L3 is on one side of the buttons A and B. It is unknown how the absence of the left control stick works.

These and other questions will be resolved at the Ben Heck show this Friday.

It is not the first time Ben Heck redesigns a console or command. Throughout his career, the filmmaker also has changed 30 devices, including an Xbox 360, which received updates to operate with one hand.

Accessibility video games for people with some limitation is an issue that we have given up.

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