Sony recommends 5 MBps to use PlayStation Now

Sony recommends 5 MBps to use PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is Sony’s solution to give your extensive library of games for PlayStation, PS2 and PS3 on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and even tablets and TVs new life, but without a proper internet connection, the service could have severe latency problems similar to those I had during his presentation at CES 14 .

To avoid such situations, Sony strongly recommends prospective service users potentiated by Gaikai to include, at least, with a bandwidth of 5 MBps, otherwise, your experience may suffer lags.

“We recommend a connection of 5 MBps. In our internal testing, users with this bandwidth have been enjoying low latency gaming experience and high quality. PS Now test your connection and optimizes each game as if you are above the minimum requirements, “said Sony’s official PlayStation blog , in response to a question from a fan that has a connection between 3 and 5 MBps.

The Japanese company said it strives to make the gaming experience of the service is quick and responsive, that in order to feel that their users playing titles locally and from their home consoles.

“The closed beta will definitely provide a great opportunity to test the gaming experience with speeds varying connection and our developers, of course, work diligently to optimize the service, based on feedback received from the community.” Concluded the company.

In this regard, the Beta will start later this month in the U.S. and is expected to start operations PlayStation Now so integrates mid-2014.

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