The original game Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare was a pleasant surprise. Players and critics were amazed by the ability of PopCap to bring its most important new terms in terms of gameplay and production level franchise.

While there is an official history of the universe of Plants Vs. Zombies, most it occurs outside the games, so it is not surprising that the same happens this title; the difference is that here there is an argument: The zombies gained ground and there is balance in the war; the city is divided into two sides, each with a piece of territory. The argument is not narrative; there is a story to tell, however, that there is equity in the sides allows now the zombies also have a defensive role and plants, one offensive.


Like its predecessor, the core of the game is based multiplayer combat and in a mode waves. Earlier, in ways like Gardens & Graveyards or Garden Ops plants had a defensive role and zombies offensive one, which unnecessarily limited the player because the classes of zombies are as good or even better than those of plants.

The design of characters and classes is one of the virtues of the game, as they are specific to each side, so there is not a zombie character or plant that has the same skills as the other. In addition, for this release 6 new classes in addition to existing 8 were added.

New members on the side of the zombies are Imp, which is small, fast and powerful can invoke a wick; Super Brainz, a superhero who combines attacks on medium and long distance; and Captain Deadbeard, a pirate with a parrot and powerful shots that can launch airstrikes. On the side of the plants, is Kernel Corn, a very versatile cob with a lot of firepower and ability to launch small missiles and air strikes; Rose, a magic rose from the past, able to convert his enemies goat; and Citron, grapefruit future that can become sphere and quickly scroll through the maps.


In turn, each class has specialties that affect the main attack, adding additional damage or freeze enemies, but also the firepower and the ability of the weapon, which means more variables in the already complicated game balance . During this first stage, we noticed that certain characters like Rose, have an advantage over other classes, which we assume will be corrected in subsequent patches.

The multiplayer section for the sequel includes 6 modes, only the Taco Bandits and classic versions of Gardens & Graveyards and Team Vanquish was omitted. Not much when you consider that not all modes are included in the release of the original game, and we assume that there will be more in future DLC. The game includes 12 maps full of references, both the universe of Plants vs. Zombies , as elements of pop culture; each mode has a different extension of the maps, so it is possible to discover new details every time you play.

The level system is now simpler: the exploits on the battlefield earn experience and challenges the system is more or less optional; the stars still exist, but -generalmente- are used as currency to open chests and Garden Ops are to obtain an advantageous position.

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In Garden Ops, which is the mode waves, you can now play with zombies so new heads were added on the side of plants like giant sunflowers, burning trees and galactic beans; Also, you can build turrets to static positions on the side of the zombies. In plants there are new variants of the zombies heads we already knew, as a Gargantuar that uses the facade of a house as a shield. In addition to Garden Ops, a mode of waves within the interactive lobby with the participation added up to 4 friends and there is no attempt limit; but the reward is not so big, it can be played infinitely.

A great addition to the game is precisely interactive lobby that is used to access the above modes, is full of side quests, which serve to accumulate XP and money, and also gives background on the characters and the war in which found. These missions are accompanied by cinemas, and tasks ranging from collecting objects on the map to shooting events; We find a specialization, a new range for the 6 new characters and, of course, a metal plate to look in your Gamertag.

It is a fun game committed to the smallest details. No matter how you play, you can always find something to make you smile, but at the same time, focus, think about a strategy and play it as if the best shooters games

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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is a generous game content. The additions are solid and adjustments to the game modes add new possibilities for players, the quality and the fun you get from the game does justify the extra $20 to be paid.

  • 90%
    GAMEPLAY - 90%
  • 88%
    STORY - 88%
  • 90%
    CONTENT - 90%
  • 92%
    AUDIO - 92%
  • 95%
    GRAPHICS - 95%

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