Modern Warfare 3 Killstreaks Stike Packages (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Modern Warfare 3 Killstreaks Strike Packages for Xbox 360, PS3, PC

The way to get Killstraks is by killing multiple enemies in a row and you will earn point but you can't die, you can also get points by completing objectives.  With the Hardline perk you can can bring down the the kills in a row by one.

There are 3 Killstreaks Packages: Assault, Support and Specialist.

The Assault Strike Package is good unti you die, your killstreak ends and gets reseted, which this sucks. The Support Strike Package is the opposite, as it allows you to die without having your killstreak reset, this is the new mode in mw3. The Specialist Strike Package doesn't have any killstreak rewards, but it allows you to choose 3 additional perks for your class, this is great for any advance or pro MW3 players.


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MOAB is acquired by getting 25 kills in a row.

The MOAB (Mother of All Bombs) is a hidden killstreak available with any Strike Package. It's earned by getting a 25 killstreak, not including Strike Package kills. The MOAB works the same as the Tactical Nuke from Modern Warfare 2; it kills every enemy on the map and causes an EMP-effect for the enemy team by eliminating all enemy equipment, electronics and killstreaks for 1 minute.

Assault Strike Package

UAV  acquire 3 kills in a row

Shows enemies on the radar as red dots for 30 seconds. Enemies that have the Assassin perk equipped are not shown on the radar.

Care Package acquire 4 kills in a row

The Care Package is dropped to the battlefield and contains a random killstreak. The Care Package can be picked up by anyone, even the enemy.

I.M.S. acquire 5 kills in a row

The Intelligent Munitions System is automatically triggered once an enemy gets near it. It has 4 anti-personnel grenades that explode in the air.


Predator Missile  acquire 5 kills in a row

Allows you to remote control one Predator Missile to the ground.
Sentry Gun (5 kills)
Sentry Gun

Airdrops a placeable Sentry Gun that automatically attacks enemies once deployed. Players using the Blind Eye perk won't be attacked by Sentry Guns.

Precision Airstrike  acquire 6 kills in a row

Allows you to call in a directional airstrike after 6 kills in a row.

Attack Helicopter Acquire 7 kills in a row

Calls in an Attack Helicopter that flies around the map and attacks enemies for a short while.

Strafe Run acquire 9 kills in a row

Calls in five helicopters to sweep the indicated area with massive firepower.

AH-6 Overwatch acquire 9 kills in a row

The AH-6 Overwatch flies in and provides personal protection by following you and attacking enemies that you come across.

Reaper 9 kills in a row

Take control of a Reaper-UAV and use it to launch 14 laser-guided missiles to the ground.

Assault Drone 10 kills

Airdrops an Assault Drone that you can control. The Assault Drone is equipped with a Light Machine Gun and a Rocket Launcher.
AC130 12 kills

Be the gunner of an AC130 for 30 seconds. Use the 25mm, 45mm and 105mm guns to attack enemies.
Pave Low 12 kills

Heavily armored assault helicopter that attacks enemies. The Pave Low is harder to destroy and packs a bigger punch than the regular Attack Helicopter.

Juggernaut 15 kills

Receive the Juggernaut suit, equipped with the M60E4 LMG and MP412 handgun. Lowers mobility, but makes you more resistant to damage.
Osprey Gunner 17 kills

Be the gunner of an Osprey that drops Care Packages. It's pretty similar to the Chopper Gunner from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Support Strike Package
UAV 4 kills

Shows enemies on the radar as red dots for 30 seconds. Enemies that have the Assassin perk equipped are not shown on the radar.
Counter UAV 5 kills

Temporarily disables enemy radar for 30 seconds.
Ballistic Vests 5 kills

Drop a bag to the ground that supplies your teammates with Ballistic Vests. Every teammate that picks one up gets increased armor and damage resistance.
Airdrop Trap 5 kills

Drops a rigged Care Package that explodes once the enemy tries to reach for its contents.
SAM Turret 8 kills

After deployed, the SAM Turret automatically attacks enemy air support.
Recon Drone 10 kills

Controllable UAV helicopter. Use it to mark/tag enemies so your teammates can see them.
Advanced UAV 12 kills

Reveals both the position of the enemy as well as the direction they are facing for a brief period of time. Enemies using the Assassin perk will not be detected by the Advanced UAV.
Remote Turret 12 kills
Remote Turret

Deploy and manually control a Remote Turret. You can enter and exit the turret view at will, and also re-deploy the turret at any time.
Stealth Bomber 14 kills

Carpet bombs the selected area. Undetectable and can't be shot down by the enemy.
EMP 18 kills

Temporarily disables enemy electronics and knocks out all enemy air support.
Juggernaut Recon 18 kills

Receive the Juggernaut suit, equipped with the USP .45 handgun and a Riot Shield. Lowers mobility, but makes you more resistant to damage.
Escort Airdrop 18 kills

An AI controlled version of the Osprey Gunner killstreak. It drops Care Packages and also defends them.

Specialist Strike Package
Perk 2 kills

Selected perk is activated.
Perk 4 kills

Selected perk is activated.
Perk 6 kills

Selected perk is activated.
All Perks 8 kills


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