LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough Red Brick Location Guide (XBOX 360, PS3, Wii)

Today we bring you the LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough Red Brick Location. Red Bricks like all the previous Lego game are used to unlock all the goodies there are a total of 20 Red Bricks. The good thing about finding all the Red Bricks is that they are all located in Hogwart’s so no need to search all in all the levels to find theme. When you find a standing Owl post nearby be sure theres a Red Brick around since you need the owl to send the Red Brick back to Hedwig. Once you’ve obtained a Red Brick you can find it on the second floor of the owl emporium in Diagon Alley, so that they can be purchased.

In order to find all the Red Bricks you must unlock at least one person form each of the four houses. But the ones you really are going to need are the Griphook and Goblin. But the more you have the better as you will need the various spells. Well let dive right in and find this Red Bricks. Video Coming Soon.


  1. Fast Dig: This one will be located on the ground near Hagrid’s hut, You must make it rain so the flowers grow and it will be towards the left side of the field.
  2. Collect Ghost Studs: This one will be located in the courtyard with the Pendulum in the back, destroy the statues around the water and build with the pieces that appear.
  3. Fall Rescue: This one will be located Gryffindor boy’s dormitory, break the chest to the left of Hedwig for the brick.
  4. Score X2: This one will be located in the courtyard with the Pendulum, break the lock on the chest; defeat the Bogart for the key to the locked door next to the Pendulum. Inside, open the two chests and match up the clocks with the colored pedestals to get the brick.
  5. Score X4:  This one will be located Slytherin common room go down the stairs and look in the center  . The red brick is sitting out on the right side of the room.
  6. Score X6: This one will be located in the room with the moving stairs, take them up until you get to the door. Make the printer print a picture of a red brick and than give the brick to Hedwig.
  7. Score X8: This one will be located in the boys’ restroom, repair the four showerheads for the brick. Hedwig is by the door.
  8. Score X10:This one will be located  after unlocking the aging potion and gaining the ability to break locks, unlock Griphook in level 1-1. Go to the room where you unlock the aging potion, go through the door next to the age circle. Gather the 3 green keys and unlock the door. Build up to the right for the red brick. Build up to the left and break the chest to unlock Snape as a playable character.
  9. Red Brick Detector: Use a bearded wizard in the library to cross the age line and enter the restricted section. On the far back wall you can see the brick on the shelf. Place books from on the floor onto the shelf in the correct spots to knock it down.
  10. Gold Brick Detector: Use the time turner in the owlry. Have the owls lift you to the highest floor. Turn on the projector and pull the brick out of the projection.
  11. Character Token Detector:  Take a dark wizard, Griphook, and a parseltongue to the classroom where you learned lumos. Have Griphook open the trapdoor in the floor. Get past all the obstacles heading to the right. Talk to the snake, and then have the dark wizard open the ball for the red brick.
  12. Hogwarts Crest Detector: This one will be located in Ravenclaw tower, build the black bird on the floor. Blast it to have it fly away, leaving behind the red brick.
  13. Extra Hearts: This one will be located in the classroom where you learned Wingaurdium Leviosa, blast the lock and go down the trapdoor in the floor. Open the ball on the far side with a dark wizard for the red brick. Build the dragon to unlock Mad-eye Moody.
  14. Regenerate Hearts: This one will be located in the classroom where you trained against Bogarts in year three has a locked chest in the back. Open it and build a door. Go through the door and defeat all the Bogarts for a chest with the red brick.
  15. Fast Magic: This one will be located in the back of Moody’s classroom is a ball that must be opened by a dark wizard. Open it for the red brick.
  16. Singing Mandrake: Open the locked door in the Herbology classroom. Enter the green house on the right. Make the strength potion. Free the student in peril. Build the stairs from the leaves and pot the three mandrakes for the red brick.
  17. Stud Magnet: By the Quiditch field have Crookshanks dig up pieces and build the clock. Use the time turner and go to the far right. Behind the dementor is a block of ice. Break it with the pickaxe for the brick. Hedwig is just to the left of the Quiditch tent.
  18. Character Studs: This one will be located in the great hall, at the very end of the farthest left table, blast a turkey to turn it into a live turkey. Then blast the turkey for the brick.
  19. Christmas: This one will be located in the Hufflepuff common room, pot the mandrake to open the door to the bedroom and blast off all the flowers for the brick.
  20. Invincibility: Beat story mode, go to Dumbledore’s office and approach Fwaks the Phoenix to get the brick.

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