Hey guys, what is going on? Chris Takamura here with Gamer Fuzion.
And here is a guide that will show you how to get Beelzemon Digimon

Here is the Requirements for Beelzemon:
Lvl 60 or Higher
MAX HP is 2000
ATK is 250
SPD is 150
ABI is 80

Step 1:
Get a 100% Scan Rate of Botamon in Digital Network I.
Then head over to DigiBank and select DigiConvert.
After that, choose Botamon.
IF Botamon is not a Fighter(ATK Stat Boost) personality, choose
Return to Data. Then pick Botamon, and it will be converted back to
DigiConvert list. Do this process over and over again till you get Botamon's
Digimon personality to Fighter.

Step 2:
Digivolve your Botamon in to
Lvl 3 or Higher
ATK is 15

Then from Koromon, Digivolve it to
Lvl 9 or Higher
ATK is 30
CAM is 10%
(Basically have Koromon battle 10 times, to get 10%

Then from Agumon, Digivolve it to
Lvl 14 or Higher
ATK is 40

Then from Meramon, Digivolve it to
Lvl 28 or Higher
MAX HP is 500
ATK is 95

Step 3:
To get the 80 ABI requirement for Beelzemon.
You need to Digivolve and De-digivole your
Meramon to SkullMeramon and then SkullMeramon
into Meramon over and over again.

Step 4:
Level your SkullMeramon into Lvl 94 and
it will meet the requirements to digivolve
into Beelzemon.

Step 5: Here is the info of Beelzemon:
No. 212 Mega
Type : Virus
Attribute: Dark
Equip Slot: 1
Memory Use: 22

Double Impact (Special Move)
Wolkenapalm I
Heavy Strike I
Attack Charge
Wolkenapalm II
Burst Flame II

SS: Gluttony
Reduces HP by 5% of Max HP
and increases ATK by 5% every turn.

While possessing the power to rule over many
devil Digimon, this evil king Digimon
maintains a solitary existence. As one of the
Seven Deadly Digimon, it can stand at the 
head of an army of Nightmare SOldiers if it
wants to. There is also apparently another
evil king Digimon that surpasses even
Beelzemon, who rides a gigantic motorbike
called Behemoth and holds a shotgun called
Berejena. Although curel, mericiless, and
proud, it does not pick on the weak. Special
move Double Impact uses its shotgun.

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