This guide will show you how to get N7 Armor in Mass Effect Andromeda

The N7 Armor is an iconic one from the trilogy of Mass Effect and now you get the opportunity to get the armor in Mass Effect Andromeda. Take a look at the following steps on how to get the N7 armor in Mass Effect Andromeda and also take a look at the stats that you can get from the vendor.

Mass Effect Andromeda N7 Armor

  • While in the ship go to the R&D Department
  • Chat with Scientist and select Research
  • N7 Amor is located in the Milky Way area
  • 250 Milky Wary Research Date needed

N7 Armor Milky Way research breakdown

  • chest 100
  • Helmet 50
  • Arms 50
  • Legs 50

Once you acquire the N7 Armor you will need more points to upgrade the armor to the best. You can Max the N7 Armor by using milky way research points:

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  • Max shields +31%
  • Biotic power damage +29%
  • Biotic recharge speed +15%


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