For Honor How to Win in Dominion Strategy Guide, Tips and Tricks

For Honor How to Win in Dominion Strategy Guide, Tips and Tricks

In this guide will provide you on For Honor how to win in Dominion Strategy guide and provide you with best in-game tips and tricks so you can have a better chance to winning in the dominion game mode.  To know more about for honor take a look at our Startup Guide, Strategy guide, Level Up Fast.

There are two types of ways to getting points in For Honor Dominion mode:

Permanent and Temporary points, depending how you go about you can get the permanent and the temporary points can give you a boost. When you are capturing the zones is important that you acquire as many permanent points that you can to help you if you lose zones.

When you Loose zones you will lose 100 points, make sure you have enough points

Objective of For Hono Dominion Game Mode

In this 4v4 battle you must break the opposing team’s morale and then eliminate them. You do so by scoring points through killing enemies, capturing specific areas, and controlling them over time.

Once a team reaches 1000 points, the opposite teams breaks and can no longer spawn unless they kill opponents or recapture areas. A team wins by killing the last hero of a breaking team.

How to get boosted points in For Honor Dominion

Dominion game mode has 3 zones. A, B and C. Depending which zone you go to first you can start boosting points, which means you will get 2 points per second that you defend the zone. Boosting points work best in zone A and C as you get fewer enemies to fight

Get 1100 points as fast as you can, the reason why is because you can stop your opponent from spawning and can only be revived. If you get to 1k points first but if you deep below that they will be able to re-spawn.

Defending For Honor Dominion Zones

In For Honor when you are Defending any of the Dominion zones (A,B or C) here are some tips that will help you succeed and boost points

  • Take the Fight outside the protected area
  • Never fight inside the circle because you don’t gain the extra points
  • Practice as a team and don’t play SOLO
  • Communication is the key of the game that will keep you and your team alive

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