Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough "Father of the Year" All Gifts Guide  where you must give Katey every possible gift there are 11 gifts to collect. You need to bring the gifts to your little daughter katey – she is always sitting in the office of the safe house. You will earn lots of Prestige Points (PP) for giving the gifts to her so it's a nice bonus to level up fast. Gift #10 + 11 can be MISSED! To get the tiger called snowflake you need to tame him (this also will earn you a trophy / achievement), for more information head over to the detailed videoguide. The last gift can only be collected during a mission "Art Appreciation" which can be played at the end of Case 4. You will also need 3000$ to buy the painting in this mission. This has to be done in one playthrough so remember that you have to tame the tiger and play the mission.


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