In dead rising 2 off the record you will need to find all the locations of all surviros in the game, here is a list of some of the survivors that you will need to locate and take to safety, each survivor is different, we will be bringin you full list and guide on completing these challenges.


Reward: 10,000 PP
Time : Between 4-6 AM
Lashawndra is located outside the first safe room, she stands on top of the bar beating away the Infected. Simply get her to follow you back down the route you came from to get her to the Safehouse.


Reward: 10,000 PP
Denyce is located inside the Pharmacy.


Reward: 10,000 PP
Gordon is located inside the Casual Gals store, he’s behind the counter crying.  Speak to Gordon and take him to safety..

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