Darksiders 2 Secret Chests Locations Guide

The Darksiders 2 guide will take you through all the locations in finding all the Secret Chests in the game.

Darksiders 2

Darksiders 2 is complete of collectibles during the whole game, here you can find the secret chests in the game that will help you find each one that . The secret chests appear on your map as you near them, several chests are well hidden and are hard to find in the game. Below you can find a good list of the chest that can be found in the game and in different locations. Follow the complete Darksiders 2 secret chests locations in the game.


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1. Tri-Stone – Shoot 5 maker pots in and out of each place that you go

2. lost temple in area 6 can be acquire by defeat the encounter in five minutes or less

3. Foundry in area 17 can be acquire by destroying the pots on the balconies

4. Gilded Arena in area 14 you will need to destroy the three large gvavestones and the skeletons that appear afterward to reveal it.

5. Forge Lands at Overworld smash the four pots on the upper balcony

6. Earth in area 14 where you need to destroy the four mailboxes around the street  by subway

7. Ivory Citadel in area 4, you will get this after gathering the voidwalker.

8. Ivory Citadel in area 7, you will need to smash four pots behind the standing

9. The black stone in area 7, destroy all the breakable object in the vicinity

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