Darksiders 2 All Relics Locations Guide

The Darksiders 2 guide will help you locate all the relics locations that are scattered around the realms.

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In the Darksiders 2 you will need to collect all the relics in the game that are scattered around the realms. Now Death is being asked by a mysterious merchant by the name of Ostegoth to go get him all the 30 relics that are scattered. Now follow all the darksiders 2 relics locations below from the first to the last one. The relics are divided into three types; Relics of Etu-Goth, Relics of Renagoth and Relecis of Khagoth. One you gather all of them you can go back to the merchant and see what you can get for them.


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Relics of Etu-Goth

1. Kingdom of the Dead – Overworld  – were is just northeast of the bridge near the edge of the cliff.

2. Lair of the deposed Kin – Area 3 – Once you break the broken stair is right behind them

3. Gilded Arena – Area 13 -Is on the third section of the stairs


Relics of Renagoth

1. Gilded Arena – Area 5 – Climb the east walls to ge to the balcony on the east side the you need to do a deathgrip a hoop and go the the northeast

2. Leviathan’s gorge – west Valley – This is close to the edge of the cliff on the west side right behind a gnarled vine and rock


Relics of Khagoth


1. Kingomd of the death Overworld – is on top of the ruin. by climbing the walls.

2. Judicator’s tomb – area 6 – here you need to get in the water and swim down to get it

3. Ivory Citadel – Area 17This is by the black corruption pool and is located behind a web of corruption.

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