Dark Souls 2 Dying and healing Guide

Dark Souls 2 Dying and healing Guide will provide you with tips on advancing through the game.

In Dark Souls 2 Dying and Healing Guide will provide you tips and best strategies on how to best manage both during the game. Follow some of the helpful tips below that will guide you through Dark Souls 2 as you face the different enemies and bosses in the game. This Dark Souls 2 guide will help you on what happens you die and how you can regain your health.

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Human Effigies

Consumable Humanity is not anymore in Dark Souls 2 and now we have new human effigy system. Now  The way it work sis when you die the hollowing process begins to affect you which cause your maximum HP  to lower each time with each death. As you use Human Effigy your help will be restore completely.

Estus Flasks

Are used for healing which you can acquire from the emerald herald in Majula and you can only use it one time before refil it at a bonfire.

There are TWO way to increase power of an Estus Flask:

  1. Estus Flask Shards
  2. Sublime Bone


Are new to Dark Souls 2 and give you healing. The Lifegems you can buy or can be can be located in various places throughout Drangleic. Life Gems take long in healing you back and if used effectively you will be able to manage your inventory.

Lifegem Healing Stats

Lifegem Healing

Lifegem takes 11 second with a 500 amount that can heal you

Radiant Lifegem  takes 19 secons a 850 amount that can heal you

Old Radienat Lifegem takes 29 seconds with amount 1300 that takes.

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