Company of Heroes 2 Review

It’s finally here one of the most anticipated strategy titles of the year. The genre of strategy games, Company of Heroes 2 makes history in the world of PC for war games.

Company of Heroes 2 review

Company of Heroes 2 Review will provide you with all the great add ons of a game that provides you with a quality of a game that evolved as a masterpiece. Over ten years later, the boys of Relic launched Company Of Heroes , setting the stage where they were going to evolve the games of this genre, with gameplay that was far from that Close Combat , but offered much more than time Real combat . Now, with the title of Relic, could not only sort who attack our soldiers, but also could be devoted to improve the facilities and prepare for his defense.

And now comes Company of Heroes 2 , with two features that stand out above all others, his powerful new graphics engine Essence 3.0 , which complemented the jewel of this sequel, the weather engine Coldtech promise to dive into the thick of battle.  We‘re also going to let you Company of Heroes 2 as far as game modes and features referred to evolution and customization of the troops that you will see in the walkthrough.

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The Eastern Front

The great hallmark of Company of Heroes 2  is the Soviet look that permeates all his artwork. And this new take on the classic Relic develops in full on the Eastern Front of World War II, back in 1941. A front that had as one of its most notorious episodes the operation Barbarossa , which on Saturday June 22 marks the anniversary, for which an event has been organized online.


As a result of this front, in Company of Heroes 2 we will run into a battle where the weather will be the key to their development. Never before has a game had thus shown their influence on the wear of the troops or the outcome of the battle. The great challenge of Company of Heroes 2 is that the Nazis still unable to break the curse that has haunted eastern fronts throughout history, from Napoleon to Hitler. None could beat the worst of enemies, the brutal Russian winter.


This is the epicenter of Company of Heroes 2 without any doubt. The guys at Relic wanted to give a twist of truth and not just the series, but overall strategic gender. It is not enough to deploy our units in a white stage, that emulates the snow and the best penalize the units with slower movements because of the weather.


In Company of Heroes 2 meteorology opens up endless possibilities in battle. We could even say that several items in the same scenario will never develop the same way, as a result of the Russian winter chill. The system Coldtech affects our units and the enemy in various ways.  For example, as snow can bury numerous ways forward on the front, while others can open as frozen rivers or lakes.

Undoubtedly, this feature makes us feel like we were in the same front making decisions in real time, as a result of inclement weather, since our troops carry alternative paths to the enemy caught unaware can be enough to tip the balance of our side.  therefore our armored and infantry units may cross these rivers and safely frozen lakes as an alternative, but with a high risk of it.

And is that depending on our side in the battle field, will benefit us or hurt us the existence of these icy roads. In Company of Heroes 2 , thanks to Coldtech , we can destroy these ice sheets by applying heat. This means that if we play a defensive work, we can destroy these icy sites to trap our enemy in them and send them into the lake. It is spectacular to see how enemy armor plummet to the bottom, and infantry units can not withstand the extremely low water temperature. Is truly something you must watch and experience.


In addition, this engine’s dynamic weather, allow once after a reasonable time, the weather again restore the lakes ice and snow on the roads and highways. Also note how the cold will affect our troops or enemy. As usual, as our situation, we have to turn this situation to our advantage. If our soldiers are not sheltered or near a heat source, the 40 degrees below zero to be found in the Russian countryside will end up with them in a few minutes.  Therefore it is necessary to approach our infantry units bonfires map. They can also take refuge inside the different buildings that we find as we explore the map.


This will allow the vital indicators of our soldiers fall alarmingly.  In developing the games in Company of Heroes 2 , the weather has been really a decisive factor.


The new vision system Truesight , can reproduce quite faithfully the vision that our soldiers have in the battlefield.  ‘s kind of fog of war, which takes into account all of geographic factors to provide a range of realistic our troops .  the gaming experience is simple, classical and basically retains everything that made ​​the first Company of Heroes a reference in strategy games. The controls and interface to meet their targets without more, is not to brag but nothing hinders or are missing

The development of play on the original version has not undergone major changes, following the same real-time system where the evolution of the troops and their barracks is the fastest way to defeat the enemy. The control of our units is quite simple with the mouse, selecting the units with the left mouse button and moving them to the right place in the battle zone.


The game interface is well resolved and is no longer correct. At the bottom left is a map of the battlefield that will show visible areas and each unit represents a circle, in a different color depending on the side they belong. In the bottom center we have the information of each unit in detail, which will help us to opt for one or the other at the time of development of new units.

Both the development of new units and the facilities that we can evolve, is through a menu on the bottom right of the screen, with different tabs that separate the different sections of building units and other elements to our army. 

Game modes

Company of Heroes 2 comes with new game modes that increase in a spectacular way replayability and length of the game. Relic has not been content to offer a campaign mode where you relive the most historic battles of the eastern front, always from the Russian perspective, but also has been improved and added multiplayer modes of play “offline” with very different challenges.

The main menu is divided into three main sections, the campaign mode, online and theater. The first as we have told focuses on the development of the Russian campaign in a series of missions that span the length and breadth of the Russian front. In the online mode, there are three types of game. Develop in the first battles against other players from Company of Heroes 2 . In the second multiplayer game mode you  can fight against artificial intelligence scenarios chosen at random.


Finally, we can create a game at will custom mode, creating a play to our measure where other players in the universe participate Company of Heroes . The third type of game Company of Heroes 2 is called the Theater of War mode, which gives new scenarios and game modes

Now there are also individual challenges we propose different missions where resources are limited and we must survive several waves of enemies attacking our headquarters, a kind of test of our ability to lead troops in exceptional situations.  Finally, the Battle Mode most common of all, that we face the AI in Company of Heroes 2 is different individual missions.

In addition, the main menu also includes the option to customize the various forces that make up the game and can select among other generals for each of the units or camouflage the appearance of vehicles and troops.

Graphic and Sound

Undoubtedly the most colorful section of Company of Heroes 2 , its near-perfect graphic section in many respects. Not just for its graphics, but so you can get to move and calculate your engine Essence 3.0 Everything is designed with a remarkable physical, we can see how shots armor are capable of taking down large buildings, is one of the best experiences I have had when playing a game.

Depending on how that impacts our soldiers, their reactions will be directly related to the weapon that has impacted. We can see how blows up an armored, while flying after the explosion we see unit that took refuge behind his shield, watching bodies fall of the soldiers several feet away. The rubble of buildings, bridges or walls, fly tens of meters after an explosion, shrapnel acting against enemy units.


Any element of the scenario can be destroyed, even the vegetation, allowing you to create paths at will for the units. To experience Company of Heroes 2 you will need a great graphic video graphic card that can handle with no problem, powerful enough to move the game to flow and a certain quality of textures. On a computer a couple of years old, with mean characteristics, only been able to play seamlessly with the lowest details.

Even so, realistically, to move such a monster chart, it is clear that you need a powerful machine, and the guys at Relic undoubtedly have given priority to offer a high quality product and revolutionary technique at the expense of greater compatibility. The audio section of Company of Heroes 2 is unique and intense.  The sound effects are spectacular, and the harangues or complaints of our soldiers in battle bring realism to the experience of war. The sound in the game ads to the great blend that Sega and Relic have created.


In general, little can be said against Company of Heroes 2 , because it has not changed what worked in the first part, gameplay, possibility of evolution of the units and military installations. Relic has turned to keep all his virtues and go beyond and adding new elements to the strategy genre that will certainly stand out from all others.


Definitely a MUST HAVE game for any lover of real-time strategy, enjoy the beautiful with almost perfect recreation of the units of one both sides.  Technical evolution and adapted great by Company of Heroes 2 has raise its brand to a higher level than others. A game that you will enjoy playing for long hours at times and a satisfaction of a great crafted game.



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