COD Ghosts PHARAOH How to unlock the secret treasure room, Easter Egg Room, Night Owl

Call of Duty Ghosts Pharaoh map will help you on how to unlock the secret treasure room and you will be able to find Ester Egg Room, bugs that eat you, night owl or Sat Com.

The Easter Egg that is in the Pharaoh map inside the tomb allows you to open an extra room that lead you to a treasure chess that has the Night Owl or Sat com and if you don’t run out of the room quickly you can burn to death quickly. Follow the video guide below in which it will show you how to find the Easter Egg Room, how to avoid the the eating bugs that can kill you if you walk through them. Follow the video below on how to unlock the secret treasure room in Pharaoh and much more.

 TOC: Awakening Walkthrough | Awakening Intel Locations | Pharaoh How to unlock God Mode | Pharaoh How to Unlock Secret Treasure Room | Egg Hunt Awakening Locations

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