The Slender Walkthrough will guide through the entire game to collect all 8 manuscript pages.


The Slender Walkthrough for the PC will give you the strategy from the beginning levels of the game until the end and help you through the dark forest collect all the 8 manuscript pages as you are in the search of the Slender Man.

During the Slender Walkthrough you will encounter the slender man at any moment when he decides to show up in front of you  and don’t panic. Watch the complete walkthrough to get all the tips and hints to see when this Slender Man will show up in front but is very important that you don’t stare at him for too long as it will cost you the game. The final image they see being Slender Man very close to them and staring back through the static. With each page the player collects, the audio becomes more intense and they increase their risk of encountering Slender Man.

The Slender Walkthrough comes with a good strategy to get you through the forest when collecting the 8 pages and giving you tips on how to make you flashlight last longer before you get catch and to manage the stamina level in the game. Follow the complete walkthrough to get you through all teh levels in the game.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Let's Play Slender + Reaction
Slender + Reaction #2
Slender #3


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