Lego Marvel Super Heroes Deadpool Bricks Locations will help you on finding all of them through all the hub missions.

 Lego Marvel Super Heroes deadpool bricks

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Deadpool Bricks locations are in each of the hub missions. Deadpool bricks are special items that bestow magnificent powers when unlocked, such as stud multipliers and detectors. You will be able to find  one deadpool brick in each of the different hub missions in the game. As with the other collectibles, the Deadpool bricks locations require you to visit the hub missions once again in free play in which you will be able to collect the rest of them as you roam and use different characters to unlock the Deadpool Bricks. Once you gather all the Deadpool bricks you will need to head over to the helicarrier and go to deadpool’s room to pay and you will be able to activate them all. Follow our complete strategy guide to find all the Lego Marvel Super Heroes Deadpool Bricks Locations. The strategy guide also work for Xbox One and PS4.

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The below hub missions need to be played  in Free Play mode and each of them give you a certain power to allow you to get closer to completing the game:

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Deadpool Bricks Locations
Name of the Hub Mission Powers Given Strategy on how to acquire them
Tabloid Tidy Up – Daily Bugle x4 Multiplayer Use Telekinessis to rearrange trophies in the office
A Shock Withdrawal – Federal bank  Ghost Studs Use Telekinesis to rearrange trophies in the ofifce
House Party Protoco – Stark Tower x10 Multiplayer Use Telekinesis to break open a pinata
Nuff Said – Marvel HQ Gold Brick Detector Use Telekinesis to assemble a picture of deadpool in the back corner
Feeling Fisky – Fisk Towers x6 multipler Use Telekinesis on a pictureof kingpin, destroying the golden door with heat bean.
Put Up Your Dukes – Fogwell Gym Fast build Use  the control pad next to Captain America
Stunt Show Surprise – Circust tent Attract Studs Use Magnetic power to break open a metallic cage
Reptillian Ruckus – reptopia x8 multiplayer Change a transformer, use magtetic power to open a metalic container
Stranger Danger – sanctum Sactorum Minikit detector move through the sand pit, use telekinesis to access a crate and place all the pieces together while pulling grapple.
 The Thrill of the Chess – The Raft Token Detector  Use Venom to go through the symbioteon the left wall
 Bro-Tunheim Main Character  with a heat bean to melt the icy.
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