The Borderlands 2 Review will give you all the details if the Sequel surpasses the original.

borderlands 2 review

The Borderlands 2 Welcomes you back after 5 years from the original Borderland that brought us so much fun with lots of guns and destruction. Borderlands 2 returns us to the planet of Pandora in which Gearbox has set out to make Borderlands 2 better that the Original. With new Characters, skills, environments, mission, weapons and many more adds ons could enough to fill our gaming thirst for the planet Pandora. Well lets get into the review and find out if it was just enough to make borderlands 2 the best first person rpg game of the year.

Handsome Jack, the game’s main antagonist, has taken over the Hyperion Corporation, and new Dictator of Pandora and taken control of the Vault, and you as one of the vault hunters responsibility is to stop Jack who sets out to destroy Pandor and entire world. As the new team in Borderlands 2 your goal is to kill Jack and return peace to Pandora.


The Borderlands 2 Comes with 4 different classes that you can choose from and it depends which one you chose as to what is the outcome of the gameplay. Lets see below the different  classes and see which one best fits you.

    • Salvador / Gunzerker class  – Gunzerking – Salvador can dual wield ANY gun in ANY combination.  Want a sniper rifle and a rocket launcher?  Go for it!  Two guns are better than one!
    • Maya / Siren class– Phaselock – Maya can lift and lock enemies in place where they sit helplessly out of battle and prone to damage.  Phaselock can take many forms including healing party members, creating massive damage to enemies or for crowd controlling numerous enemies.
    • Axton / Commando class – Sabre Turret – Axton can deploy a turret which can be upgraded with many gun and missile attachments or augmentations.  Some of these upgrades can grant the turret the ability to teleport far distances or create nuclear explosions! 
    • Zer0 / Assassin class – Deception – Zer0 can vanish into stealth, do massive critical hit damage and distract his enemies with a decoy.  While in Deception, Zer0 can also see critical weak points on enemies or assassinate enemies with fast attacking melee strikes

The SKills Tree is huge in Borderlands 2 as you can upgrade it during the playthrough by looting or collecting money from the different ways you destroy your enemy. The game will take you about 30+ hours to complete as it comes with different different ways to play it. You can play it solo or co-op with other 3 or online too. The game’s AI is something to respect as it does the unthinkable and will have you on the tip of your toes to make sure they don’t get you.

I love it when a game is challenging and makes you work, Borderlands 2 make you do that and much more as you play through the different levels and quests in the game game.

Weapons are huge in the sequel just like the original and along with great writing and fantastic dialogue with humor to go around through the entire 30+ hours. The game comes with over 1 million guns that you just don’t have enough time or space for them. Choose which weapon you like to use and also get a second and third and so on.

Borderlands 2 comes with a few negatives, which include the lack of vehicles and customization. Please see the video review above for more details on this.


Looks like Gearbox found new colors and got rid of the brown color that you see in call of duty game and made pandora and all characters more appealing. I found that is more fun playing a game that has all different colors as it keeps the surrounding textures changing, however there are some parts of the game where the texture did not live upto it and you see frame out of place and some blurry spot but that did not mess with my gameplay.


Humor and writing and voice acting were hilarious. I had forgotten how borderlands sense of humor was and its sequel just step it up another notch which keeps the game entertaining. Face it we want games that keep us engaged.

Final Saying/value

Hilarious sense of humor, with millions of guns to go around and over 30+ hours of gameplay make Borderlands 2 a must play game and have. For the retail price this game is worth it and is something that you don’t want to miss on. Gamerfuzion gives Borderlands 2 a 4.6 out of 5.

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