zombies zetsubou no shima how to activate permanent power

Black Ops 3 Zombies Zetsubou No Shima How to activate Permanent Power

In this guide we will show you in Black ops 3 Zombies Zetsubou No Shima how to activate permanent power, the permanent power will allow you to play the game easier and focus more on completing the main easter egg. Now follow the next steps on How to activate Permanent Power in Zombies Zetsubou No Shima.

TOC: Zetsubou No Shima Zombies Walkthrough | Trophies | How to get skull of nan sapwe weapon | New Gobblegums | Activate Permanent Power | Pack a Punch Parts Locations | KT-4 Wonder Weapon Parts | Pack a Punch Machine Parts | Widow’s Wine | Shield Parts Locations | Gas Mask Parts | How to upgrade KT-4 | How to get Gold Bucket | How to get Electric Shield

  • Collect bucket
  • Fill bucket with water element 115
  • Open up the lab A or B and use water from bucket
  • You need to have both labs with temporary electricity on to be able to move on
  • Once you have both labs with power you will nee to head to the bunker
  • Both labs need to have power on to be able to open the bunker door
  • Head to the bunker door and go through it where the puck a punch machine is
  • Open the door that is to the left side of the puck a punch machine (only one door needs to be open)
  • Once you open the door you will head straight until you find a red light which that says power is off
  • Go under water to remove the web that is covering the fuse
  • After this there will be 10 zombies that you wil need to kill to be able to complete small quest under water
  • Once you kill the 10 zombies you will emerge and TURN Power Switch ON permanently
  • You also get a part for the puck a punch machine

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