zombies des eisendrache upgrade to Fire Bow guide Tutorial (BO3)

This guide provide you with the steps in Zombies Des Eisendrache to upgrade to the Fire Bow.

In this guide will show you show you in Black Ops 3 Zombies Des Eisendrache how to upgrade to the fire bow and all the necessary steps that you will need to take to be able to upgrade the bow. The bow itself once is upgrade is strong and do make sure you follow the steps below so you can acquire it. Remember there are four bows that you will need to upgrade to and unlock the achievement and trophy:

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1. Shoot the symbol at the top of the winding stairs in the bell tower with the bow and pick up the items that dropped

2. head to the rocket launch pad an wait for a rocket test to start. When the doors reopen, run in and shoot the red fireball with your bow.

3. Then you’re going to need to use the launchpad teleporters to launch yourself across the map, and while you’re in the air, you need to fire an arrow into each one of the 3 ritual circles which will have spawned. Repeat for all 3 ritual circles.

4. Kill zombies until a cylinder of fire appears.

5. Go back to the bell tower and hold square on the same location you picked up the arrow. This will reveal an apothican symbol.

6. Find the fireplace around the map which has the corresponding symbol inside of it, and shoot the bow directly into the center of the symbol. Then hold square on the fire that spawns in the fireplace. Do the same to all 3 fire places

7. Go to the death ray area and kill a zombie with the bow under the fireball. Hold square on the fireball and an arrow will drop

8. Go to the bottom floor where the pyramid is located and in the corresponding box place the arrow, feed it souls and your items then can be upgraded or crafted.


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