zombies des eisendrache how to get chaos skullcrusher bow guide

In this guide will show you in Zombies Des Eisendrache how to get the Chaos Skullcrusher Bow

This tutorial will give you all the steps to unlocking the Chaos Skullcrusher bow in Black Ops 3 Zombies Des Eisendrache.

Go to the gatetravel section where you will look up on the selling and see a purple item glowing, shoot at it and a broken arrow falls
Once you get the broken arrow the quest begins and go to the mule room where there is a purple circle in which you will meele a zombie on the purple spot and then you will have an urn pop from the ground.

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Next Steps is location all the 6 Skullcrusher that are scattered around the map.
1. First skullcrusher is by mule kick near on by some broken bricks in the same room where the urn pops
2. Samantha room, inside the toy chest
3. this skullcrusher is located to the right of the broken wall going to double tap
4. Outisde the lab going up the stairs
5. On the sink, to the right of the teleporter
6. The last skull is by the launch pad on the back of truck

Next Steps:
Go back to where the urn pop up from the floor and you will see a ritual and all the 6 skulls on the floor.
Next you need to get crawlers to come to the ritual so you better have a raid gun to do this faster. You now will see the skulls attacking the crawlers and getting their souls

NEXT PAY CLOSE ATTENTION: You will hear 3 words, write them down in the order you hear
After this you will go kill zombies and they will drop symbols that you will need 6 of them to continue with the ritual.
Head to the trophy room where the knights are and each of them have symbols that match with the 3 words that were shouted in the order you wrote down.

After you press on each of the statue the 3 words in the order you wrote down, you will head back to the ritual and with your bow shot at the 3 symbols that are on the floor in the order that you wrote it down.

If done correctly you will hear “That is my name” if done wrong says “that is not my name” If done wrong you will start over again.
When you do it correctly you will have the broken arrow fixed and head to the the pyramid room where you will place your arrow inside the chests and you will feed it souls until is done.
After you complete the entire sequence you will see your Chaos Skullcrusher bow ready to be use.

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