Zombies Der Eisendrache Rocket Launch and Tomb Tutorials

In this guide for Zombies Der Eisendrache will show you you the steps to launch the rocket and the tomb to have the ghost appear and all the steps to completing my brothers keeper trophy and achievement tutorial.

How to get the rocket to launch:

  1. Super charge  the Death ray by putting the cylinders to activate the death ray and super charge it.
  2. This shoots down the rocket and Dempsey 1.0 crash lands in the upper courtyard, destroying the bell tower
  3. Locate the golden device that is found on the ground where the wrecakage is located in mid courtyard.
  4. Place golden device  on the knight tomb stone
  5. Follow the ghost to all 3 symbols sections that are spread around the map.
  6. Make sure all 4 players stand in ritual circle when the ghost
  7. Enable the 3 symbols at each location where the ghost stops (feed ghosts zombies souls until is done)

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