Zombies Der Eisendrache How to Open Dr. Groph’s Safe

Black Ops 3 Zombies Der Eisendrache How to Open Dr. Groph’s Safe tutorial

In this guide will show you in Black Ops 3 Zombies Der Eisendrache How to Open Dr. Groph’s Safe which is part of the easter egg that we have been working on completing . The following steps will show you in detail below what you need to do to open Dr. Groph’s Safe.

  1. Use the Teleporter to access the Office of Dr. Grophs where he keeps the safe
  2. Once you are in the room, pick up the fuse
  3. Go to the present time and head to the Death Ray and place the fuse in the Death ray machine
  4. Change Death Ray from Destroy to PROTECT and activate it
  5. Go to the Clock Tower area and in the machine with the few monitor you will need to input the key code  that Dr. Groph imputed
  6. Once you imput the correct key code that you saw in the past from Dr. Groph you will hear a sound which confirms that you have imputed the correct key code sequence and Dr. Groph’s safe is now open in the present time.
  7. Go to the safe and open the two canisters and key card and this completes this step.

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Keep checking as we will keep bringing you all the easter egg steps to completing it.


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