Zetsubou no shima how to get The Golden Bucket Tutorial

Zetsubou no shima how to get The Golden Bucket Tutorial

In this guide will show you in Zombies zetsubou no shima how to get the Golden Bucket which is a bucket that gives you unlimited water. What you will first need to make sure is that you first have already have unlocked the skull of nan sapwe weapon as this is the primary weapon that you will be using to do some of the steps in getting the Golden Bucket. If you have not unlocked skull of nan sapwe weapon, take a look at this tutorial that will show you how to get the skull of nan sapwe weapon.

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zetsubou no shima Steps on how to get Golden Bucket

1. Go underneath Lab B
2. Use your Skull of Nan Sapwe Weapon to reveal a hidden plant seed by using the left trigger on your controller then reveals plant seed which is under a bunch of roots , branches and rocks on the ground.
3. After you reveal plant seed then plant your bucket (this works best when you are between round 18 to 20 )
4. After you plant your bucket 3 additional plant seed will appear. Plant seeds in each of them to grow plants
5. Bring all the zombies that you can underneath Lab B so that your 3 plants can eat all the zombies. This is similar to feeding the souls that you saw when you got the skull of nan sapwe weapon. When the plants have eaten enough zombies they will dissapear
6. Harvest the new plant
7. A new plant will grow from where you planted the Bucket and a Golden Bucket will now appear on the plant

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