Xur predictions May 8 agent of the nine destiny inventory 5-8-15

What will Xur from Destiny have in his inventory for May 8, 2015. Do take a look at the video that we have made in which it will show what our Xur prediction for May 8 is and see if our prediction is good. In your prediction you wish to tell Xur what you would like to see from his inventory instead of the same thing over and over as sometime is very disappointing. Now what is your prediction of what is Xur bringing for 5-8-15? Also Take a look at our latest Destiny MythBusters Series in which we bring myth to reality in Destiny, check it out, you will like it.

Xur Predictions 5/8/15


Xur Predictions for May 8

The Glasshouse
Lucky Rasberry
Starfire Protocol

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