Xur predictions 10-2-15 agent of the nine destiny inventory October 2

Xur predictions 10-2-15 agent of the nine destiny inventory October 2

The time again, xur predictions for 10-2-15, What will Xur agent of the nine from Destiny have in his inventory for October 2, 2015? Will his inventory be the weapon you so are much in need or an exotic, well with Taken King you have a chance to purchase from him new gear, consumables and much more.

Welcome to Destiny Year 2 and yes Xur did not loose his job and he is coming this time aroudn with NEW GEAR, WEAPONS and much more. How about wanting a nice Suros weapon or a new exotic weapon or gear? We will show you what our Xur prediction for October 2 is and see if our prediction is good or not or if we come any close to what Xur is bringing to the tower or reef. Now that the Reef has opened in House of the Wolves, will Xur bring better weapons, gear and consumables?. Now what is your prediction of what Xur will have in his inventory for 10-2-15?

What are you looking forward from Xur to bring this time around and will he bring better gear, lets find out this time around on October 2.

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