Xur location May 8 Destiny Agent of the Nine 5-8-15

Xur location May 8 Destiny Agent of the Nine 5-8-15, Where is Xur Located

Is that time again and Xur Location for May 8 is at the tower, now where is xur exactly? Well take a look below where we tell you where is Xur Located for the weekend of May 8 to May 11. Before that make sure you have your strange coins available to be able to purchase some exotic legendary weapons like the Thorn, Helm of Saint-14, Don’t Touch me, The Ice Breaker and many other exotic legendary weapons or armor.

Xur is also bringing new Exotic Gear and Weapons that helps you upgrade higher attack and defense values for the new The Dark Below DLC. Spend your strange coins wisely.

Take a look at the video guide below in which will show you where is the new Location for XUR Agent of the Nine is and what does he have in his inventory for the weekend of 5-8-15. Also Take a look at our latest Destiny MythBusters Series in which we bring myth to reality in Destiny, check it out, you will like it.

Xur location is by the Speaker


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