Xur location June 19 Destiny Agent of the Nine 6-19-15

Xur location June 19 Destiny Agent of the Nine 6-19-15 and what does he bring this time around.

Is that time again and Xur Location for June 19, 2015 is at the tower or at The Reef?, now where is xur exactly? Well see below where we tell you where is Xur Located for the weekend of June 19 to June 21. Before that make sure you have your strange coins available to be able to purchase exotic weapons like the Thorn, Helm of Saint-14, Ice Breaker, Don’t Touch me and many other type of armor along with new gear that is available through House of Wolves DLC. So what can Xur be bringing us this time around for June 19, 2015 at the tower or maybe in The Reef.

Xur is also bringing new Exotic Gear and Weapons that helps you upgrade higher attack and defense values for the new House of Wolves DLC in which we have full coverage that you can take advantage of below. Have those strange coins ready for Xur, We have a feeling he is bringing something good this time around.

Now where can xur be located for today, is he at the tower or at The reef with a different inventory. Have a look at the xur video below in which will show you where is the new Location for XUR Agent of the Nine for June 19, 2015 and what does he have in his inventory for the weekend of 6-19-15. For ALL Early coverage of Destiny The Taken King check and SUBSCRIBE TO Laserbolt YouTube Channel for videos like Rift Mode, Mayhem, weapons and much more.

Xur Agent of the Nine can be found in the following: THE REEF

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