xur Inventory July 10, agent of the nine 7-10-15 exotic gear

xur Inventory July 10, agent of the nine 7-10-15 exotic gear

What is Xur Inventory for July 10 have this time around. Xur Agent of the nine has travel a lot and where is his location? is Xur In the tower or is Xur in the reef waiting for your precious coins on 7/10/15?

Here we are another Friday and What will Xur Inventory July 10, 2015 be this time around? What is the XUR PURCHASE OF THE WEEK from Xur Inventory 7-10-15 that we recommend this time around. Xur Agent of the Nine Makes his appearance today July 10, 2015 in which he is bringing several items that you can purchase to help you move up to the next level by using your strange coins that you have been gathering during the week. Here is the link If you are looking for New Xur location for 7-10-15.

Our Destiny Guide will show you what new Exotic Inventory and materials that XUR brings this time around. The new Exotic armor, weapons and gears that will improve your load-out for the game. Will Xur bring the helmet you need to complete your gear? Or that weapon that you have not unlocked? The different Strange Coins by completing different objectives, weekly challenges, strike missions and Weekly Heroic Strike Missions. You can also find them in Engrams and Loot Chests. See how to find Destiny Strange Coins locations for leveling up your guardian beyond level 23.  Also Take a look at our complete coverage for For ALL Early coverage of Destiny The Taken King check and SUBSCRIBE TO Laserbolt YouTube Channel for videos like Rift Mode, Mayhem, weapons and much more.

Xur Inventory:

purifier robes
eternal warrior
Crest of Alpha Lupi (hunter)
Plan C
helmet engram.

Did you get what you WANTED from XUR?

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