XUR Agent of the Nine Inventory 12-5-2014 EXOTIC SHARD

XUR Agent of the Nine Inventory 12-5-2014 EXOTIC SHARD

XUR PURCHASE OF THE WEEK Ascendant Shard 12-5-14. Xur Agent of the Nine Makes his appearance at the tower today December 5, 2014 in which he is bringing several items that you can purchase to help you move up to the next level. See Xur New location for 12-5-14

An Exotic Shard is a material in Destiny. It is used for the final upgrade on exotic weapons and armor. Exotic Shards can be obtained by purchasing them from Xûr for 7 Strange Coins or dismantling exotic gear.

Our Destiny Guide will show you what new Exotic Inventory and materials XUR brings for 12-5-14. New Exotic armor, weapons and gears that will improve your gaming. Tthe different Strange Coins by completing different objectives, weekly challenges, strike missions and Weekly Heroic Strike Missions. You can also find them in Engrams and Loot Chests. See below for details in how to find Destiny Strange Coins locations for leveling up your guardian beyond level 22.


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