Xur Agent of the Nine LOCATION Destiny 12-26-14 Weekend

Xur Agent of the Nine LOCATION Destiny 12-26-14 Weekend

XUR Agent of the Nine 12-26-14 NEW LOCATION Destiny for the Weekend has arrived and Destiny XUR New location has changed. Get all your strange coins that you have earned and get ready to purchase some great exotic gear or weapons that Xur is bringing. Xur is also bringing new Exotic Gear and Weapons  that help you upgrade higher attack and defense values for the new The Dark Below DLC.

Take a look at the video guide below in which will show you where is the new Location for XUR Agent of the Nine is and what does he have in his inventory for the weekend of 12-26-14. Also want to know what inventory Xur has.

Xur Agent of the Nine can be found in the following section of the Tower: MIDDLE SECTION BY VANGUARD MASTER. 

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