Xbox One Sales suffer a 30% Fall

Today, Microsoft reported earnings obtained during this quarter and fiscal year ended June 30. Although the company no longer share figures Xbox consoles sold, the report reveals some facts that give us an idea about the stability of the brand.

To begin, we know that Xbox LIVE revenue grew compared with the same period last year, increasing by 4% as a result of global transactions and more money spent per transaction. On the other hand, hardware sales were down, falling 33%, attributed to the lower number of consoles sold and reduced system price.

In an overview, Microsoft’s revenue during this period fell by $ 152 MDD, representing a decline of 9%.

Continuing with the figures, Xbox LIVE reached 49 million active users, which means an increase of 33% over last year, when the platform got 37 million. An active user who is logged on Xbox LIVE during the last month, either free or Xbox LIVE Gold membership. In comparison, Sony reported having 20.8 million subscribers PlayStation Plus on all platforms.

Finally, Microsoft said that hours of game titles dedicated to Xbox One increased 13% and the hours spent in playing in Windows 10 increased 19%.

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