Xbox One, PS4 and other consoles want Dayz into their systems

Xbox One, PS4 and other consoles want Dayz into their systems

During the conversation he had with a European portal, Dean Hall, creator of DayZ the survival PC game, said that all console manufacturers will want to tailor the product to their systems because of its meteoric sales, but not yet polished enough to make the jump.

“I think all manufacturers are interested in DayZ, and rightly so because we sold a lot of units in a short time and is a game that could be transferred well to consoles. “said Hall. Recall that Legends , in draft form, has more than 1 million copies sold via Steam.

“The consoles are intended to venture into new territory with your new address, because I’m sure there are many console gamers out there who would have loved to be part of Minecraft when it came out, and stuff. “added the New Zealand developer.

It is the second time that Hall talks about Microsoft and Sony and, indeed, on the last occasion , he revealed he had held talks with the folks behind the Xbox One, but as you mentioned, the title is still in development, and while no is perfectly ready, there will be adaptation, after all “nonsense start moving something that is constantly changing.”

It is noteworthy that leave Bohemia Interactive Hall later this year to start his own company, with which it is conceivable that the negotiations shall be borne by the study of the Czech Republic after that. In any case, adaptation will not be ready this year.


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