Xbox One June System Update Details

Through its official blog news, Xbox Wire, Microsoft announced on Wednesday May 21, 2014 which will include the June update for Xbox One, which still has no exact release date. This will allow system users to connect an external hard drive of 256 GB or larger via a USB 3.0 port to store their games, add-ons and applications.

Players can now copy complete titles and downloadable content associated to a external storage device, allowing them to play it on another console. Users will need to verify that they are owners of the content to enter your Xbox LIVE account or taking a copy of the game disc in the optical drive related.

The June update will also add support for real names in Friends list Xbox LIVE. Instead of relying on Gamertags, owners of an Xbox One can also see and share their real names if they wish, but they will not show in-game, plus you users can change the configuration name from your profile and adding new friends.

On the other hand, the new firmware will select an account to automatically log on to Xbox LIVE when the console is turned on, something very similar to that seen in Xbox 360, and add new features SmartGlass. One is the oneguide experience, which will reach new markets such as Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy and will to see all listings for TV from your smartphone or tablet, as well as channels and favorite applications. Meanwhile, Universal Remote Control we can easily change channels and control more amicably content recorded on our DVR.

Finally, the update will bring a new menu to explore all the benefits of Xbox LIVE Gold users, including promotions Games With Deals With Gold and Gold, which finally enter into force on Xbox One Recall that with this new update, the use of applications such as Netflix, YouTube, Internet Explorer, Skype, Twitch and many others, will not require a Gold subscription.


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