Wukong Walkthrough

Complete walkthrough for Wukong.

Game Description:

Take control of Wukong and start your journey to places full of challenges that you will have to overcome with the help of your staff and skills. Explore every corner to find the lost scrolls and conquer the challenges that appear along the way.


Lost Forest

Trophies Unlocked:
– Journey started!

Tea Garden

Trophies Unlocked:
– none

Bleak Temple

Trophies Unlocked:
– On cloud nine!

Forbidden Cave

Trophies Unlocked:
– Shiny!
– Recommended reading.

Climbing Rapids

Trophies Unlocked:
– none


Trophies Unlocked:
– A jarring deal.

Mountain Trek

Trophies Unlocked:
– Archeologist.
– Scholar.
– Understaffed.
– King of the mountains!

Lone Peak

Trophies Unlocked:
– Journey to the west.
– On a roll.
– That belongs in a museum!
– King of temples!

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