Wreck-It Ralph is a Classic game that is being remade into a movie, and even into a new game for the 3ds, ds, and wii.

Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph is based on a old slider arcade game about Ralph Who is Force out of his home and in his game his goal is to Wreck the building. but being mistaken for a villian Ralph leaves his game to go on a journey to be a hero. The release date of this game is 10/30/12 and I hope this game has some classics from the arcade as well as new ways to play Wrech-It Ralph


The game also has a movie to it as well as it is about how Wreck-It ralph try to be a hero by game jumping but as he leaves his game. there is no one else to take his place and the game is unable to go on. This movie also looks like it will have classic hero’s like Mario and sonic from the hints of the bad guys they showed like Dr. egg-man. This movie release 11/2/12

Wreck-It Ralph

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