Wii U’s The world of Zelda will be Large Map to explore

During a recent interview, the producer of The Legend of Zelda , Eiji Aonuma confirmed that the next installment of the series to Wii U, which still has no release date, will be open world and as large as allowed by the console hardware.

“A huge world that unfolds smoothly is something that can not be achieved if the hardware is not advanced enough. However, since we did the first generation of The Legend of Zelda , we had a big world and do hardware, so you could say it was inevitable do the same with the new title of Wii U. “said Aonuma.

According to the creative, the map of the outside world is more important than ever, so it will be displayed in the GamePad, something that will make players delve further into the adventure.

“Recently, when I’m walking in a place with which I am not familiar, I depend map [I see] in my smarthpone A map is not something that is kept stored in a bag;. It is something that is held in the hand and which can constantly check you progress step by step, “he added.

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