Where to find the GPU in Warzone 2.0 DMZ

As soon as you spawn into the DMZ, you will want to make your way down to Sawah Village in the lower left of the map.

If this building is a Stronghold, exfil and try again.

When you reach the area, locate the ladder on either side of the building and make your way onto the rooftop.

  • We used the ladder located on the south side of the building on the tac map for this guide.

Once up top, you’ll want to climb through the right-most sunroof on the far side of the building, dropping into the room below.

Spawn location is random and won’t always be located as captured here.

For us, the GPU was resting on a couch but if it isn’t here, make your way back up to the roof and check all the other rooms before leaving.


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