Watch Dogs ctOS Tower Locations Guide

Watch Dogs ctOS tower locations are through the entire gameplay of the game, there are 13 ctOS towers that you will need to located in Watch Dogs and hack them.

Once you locate all the 13 ctOS towers which are part of the collectible locations in the game you will earn you the Clear Signals Achievement or Trophy. Each tower also unlocks a fast travel point.

ctOS systems can either be hacked in free roam or wait until the story requires you to do so. Once you have hacked the ctOS systems you can activate the towers. All the towers are or ctOS systems are located on rooftops, use your hacking skills to assist you in getting to them.

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Watch Dogs ctOS locations

1 – Parker Square
2 – Parker Square
3 – Mad Mile
4 – Mad Mile
5 – Mad Mile
6 – The Loop
7 – The Loop
8 – The Loop
10 – Brandon Docks
11 – Brandon Docks
12 – The Wards
13 – The Wards

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