Watch Dogs City Hotspots Locations Guide

Watch Dogs City Hotspots Locations Guide

Access your smartphone’s menu. One of the options is the City Hotspots App. This useful device allows you to complete hotspots. the locations of all 100 city hotspots. Landmark located in one of the five districts of Chicago. Keep checking your map and make sure you access the ctOS control centers and towers, you’ll see small check-mark icons. These indicate city hotspots.

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Watch Dogs City Hotspots Pawnee – 12

1. Green Hook Tackle Shop

2. Abandoned Station

3. Blume

4. Junkyard

5. Pawnee Dam

6. Pawnee Mill

7. VyVyn K. Turner Bridge

8. Bemai Island

9. Bridge Construction

10. Crazy Moose Inn

11. Trailer Park

12. The Pawnee Murder House

Parker Square – City Hotspots

13. Botanical Gardens

14. St. Joseph Cemetery

15. Farris Halstead Library

16. Marry Stadium

17. Phoebus Theater

18. Parker Square Mariana

19. Owl Motel

20. Piper Gate

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