Watch Dogs Cash Guide: How to get cash fast Tutorial

Watch Dogs Cash Guide: How to get cash fast

In the following guide will show you in watch dogs how to get cash fast, there are various ways in which you can acquire cash fast. You will need cash for many different things that you will need to do in the game. From buying weapons, vehicles and many more items that are need in the game. Follow our guide below to get the most from civilians, jobs and much more.

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Hacking Civilians

watch_dogs civilian hacking

Getting money from civilians is the fastest way to acquire money. Be sure to get the ATM hack boost so you can get some cash quicker. go to the Mad Mile part of the map you will see an area with two ATMs and a City Hotpot in the middle of them. Go there and walk the loop around the building and hack every one that shows up with the blue outline. If you are lucky you can acquire up-to 100k and buy some weapons or cars that you may need to complete further jobs.

Fixer Contracts

watch dogs fixer contracts

Fixer contracts get unlocked as you go through the game. All of them involve some sort of care and the quicker you get done the more you get paid. Top prize for some of the contracts are 6k and there many to do in the game. If you do plenty of them you can acquire money fast.


Watch Dogs Convoys

Criminal convoys are  are easy to take down with explosives and a very quick way to make cash. Just start the mission find the target and kill him or take him down. I like to set up some IEDs before they come and take out the front car before taking out the rest. If you have to take down a target kill his allies then take him down. Be sure to stick behind cover when you are fighting!



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