Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC Announced

Ubisoft announced today a new DLC for Watch_Dogs, open world title hack who has sold 8 million units to date.

The content will be entitled Bad Blood and tell the story of T-Bone, now be a playable character itself with a campaign of 10 missions in Chicago. The plot revolves around a strange track that will provide a fellow hacker, Tobias Frewe which will take you to unexpected places and ambushes in the world of digital infiltration.

Also, the game will have new mechanics: contracts Swift Street, a new system of side quests; Hacking the Tailing and modalities, in addition to the app CTOs. There will also be a package of exclusive weapons, costumes and a car remote contrl named Eugene. Players wishing to obtain the content can buy the season pass at the site of Ubisoft.

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