Watch Dogs 2 Shuffler Graffiti Locations

These are the Watch Dogs 2 Shuffler Graffiti Locations that you will find in the game. You probably do not know what we are talking, so we explain: players Watch Dogs 2 discovered strange conversations between NPC and reports on radio stations, which revealed that a group of teenagers known as “Shuffler hunters” ( Shuffler hunters) disappeared.

In exploring this case, the fans realized that the youth disappeared when they were investigating The Shuffler, an urban legend whose existence was confirmed by Ubisoft confirmed on the blog game. When analyzed with a telephone, signals give a little more information about what happened with teenagers.

So far, the players have not found more, so I just hope that Ubisoft launch another update or more information. Note that for now the intentions of Ubisoft with The Shuffler are not clear, so we do not know if one is a mystery to revive the community or is part of something much bigger than we will see in Human Conditions, the new DLC for Watch Dogs 2.

Watch Dogs Shuffler Graffiti Location 1 and 2

Watch Dogs Shuffler Graffiti Location 3 and 4

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