Valve to release their development kit for Virtual Reality

Since Valve has a close bond with Oculus Rift and preparing their own virtual reality device, the company announced this week that in a few days will release a development kit for this type of equipment that will help developers to have a scaffold standardized creative and I will players to connect without having to reconfigure your PC each time you change game.

“Steam is in a unique position to be the intermediary between hardware and software and users.” Explained Valve designer, Brian Coomer. “Without this, it will be difficult to have any traction device.” He added.

The announcement of the SDK on Steam will Dev Days, to be held on 14 and 15 January in Seattle, Washington.

Rift Oculus Goggles was one of the protagonists in the technology fair CES 2014 and are becoming more support. Oculus Us VR presented during the event provided a new prototype log movement.

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