Ubisoft To Be Number 1 Provider of Wii U Games

Ubisoft plans on being the number one provider of  Wii U games. Ubisoft has announced at the time being that they plan to be the number one publisher in 3DS and PlayStation Vita games before launch. Beyond the sheer quality of games, the statement was true after all in terms of quantity. Well aware that it will just the same for the Wii U. With the U's technology a lot of ideas are possible check it out.








"We have big plans for the Wii U. Our goal is to be the third number one above, as was the case on Kinect and 3DS. We have always had a very close relationship with Nintendo , so I would venture to say that we had some benefit in getting development kits before the others.I'm not saying we've had before anyone else, but I think it was at the very beginning "

Ubisoft has officially three ongoing projects on Wii U: Assassin's Creed III , Ghost Recon Online and Killer Freaks from Outer Space . There is no doubt that the editor reserves some surprises for E3.

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