Turtle Rock Studio creators of Left 4 Dead working on a new game

It seems that Turtle Rock Studios, the development team behind Left 4 Dead and Evolve, is working on a new game. The information appeared in the list of jobs on the website of the study . There, Turtle Rock says that is looking for a programmer animation for a new intellectual property profiled to be “a game-edge technology for the next generation of hardware.”

In addition, the responsibilities of this position are “the need to provide an excellent combat, moving characters and mechanical motion, and cinematics”. Definitely, this does not give many details about the next game studio, so we have to wait for more information.

We can also ensure that the game preparing Turtle Rock is not a sequel to Evolve, because although Take-Two said the game is a permanent mark as Grand Theft Auto and Borderlands, the worklist specifies that the position is for a new intellectual property. Take-Two will have a meeting with investors on May 18, and there may reveal more details.

Evolve debuted in early 2015, and although he had a bittersweet welcome, 2K Games released a new edition in November of the same year , which included all previous DLC game.

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