Tribes: Ascend Walkthrough Strategy Guide (PC)

Take a look a the Tribes Ascend Walkthrough that will take you through this fre to play multiplayer first person shooter that is based on different types of classes. In the walkthrough you will be able to see how to use weapons, weapons upgrade. There are three possible sizes of armor to choose from: light, medium and heavy, with 3 loadouts in each weight group, for a total of 9.  You will also be able to acquire Loadouts through making payment in which you will ern in through experience which you will be able to buy classes, weapons, perka nd upgrades. Follow the complete Tribes Ascend walkthrough to get some tips and tricks.

Tribes Ascend Walkthrough Strategy Guide

Part 1      

Goel's Let's Play Tribes Ascend | Episode 1 | First Impressions



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