The Transformers Fall of Cybertron Review will provide you with all the details if the game is worth buying it.


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transfomers fall of cybertron

Transformers Fall of Cybertron takes place in their world with 6 days of brutal fighting for their existence. The transformers have been at war with the decepticons for many years and now Cybertron has dyed and no longer can give life. With this the only way to survive is for the autobots to hear over to earth, but during the 6 agonizing days of making the last stand the transformers are with their backs against the wall.

The gameplay of the entire Transformers Fall of Cybertron was truly a delight. As soon as you start playing as one of the autobots you realize that much improvement in controlling all the aspects and abilities of the transformers. Right from the beginning when you start playing as bumblebee you realize that you are in for a treat. The movements, gun and armor of the transformer are great. One of the many items that pop up was the fighting mechanism has a fluent motion that allows you to control the autobots like a true third person shooter game. The other item that stood out was the level of detail of the transformation that is involved in each the autobots and decepticons. The transformation mechanism has improved greatly that you don’t get tire watching the transformers transform into their auto of flying form.

The graphics in this game are massive as it brings cybertron to life like we have never seen it before and makes you feel like you are part of the world and just want to get in there and get into the action. The characters details along with vivid color and the transformation of the transformers are amazing. Transformers fall of cybertron also exceeds in the voice acting headed by Peter Cullens as Optimus Prime voice and with all the other voice actors gives the game a lively feel.

Overall the game is great and is a lot of fun with a few collectibles, leaderboards, huge multiplayer and the details of the game make this a game that deserves a place with the big tickets in this year. Now if you want to know if you should buy or not this game then take a look at the above video review in which it goes into more details about the value of the game.

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