Toukiden 2 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

The Toukiden 2 walkthrough will guide you through all the different missions in the game

Our Toukiden 2 walkthrough will provide you with great strategy from the beginning of the game until the end and give you tips to completing the entire game. We will also provide you with a complete video walkthrough of the different missions that are in the game along with the side quests that you can take on to completing tasks along with unlocking the different trophies in the game.

Toukiden 2 is a hack an slash type of game with some strategy built to it in some missions where you need to complete to advance in the game. Along with it the game comes with a nice character customization and various weapons to choose from. In our Toukiden 2 walkthrough you will see that the combat mode has been altered to be more seamless when encountering the enemy. You will also have the ability of the Demon Hand to help you take on difficult enemies and help you travel around the ares taking out the enemy.

Toukiden 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – The Beginning

Toukiden 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 2: Meet Professor and Defense of Mahoroba

Toukiden 2 tips and tricks

  • Automatons are deployed to scavenge for items in different locations
  • Using the Professor’s research facility allows players to craft better materials
  • Adding more materials increases the crafting’s success rate
  • Regions have hazard levels ranging from safe to dangerous. Eliminating demons raises the area’s safety which unlocks new items and weapons
  • Hunt for every hidden seal around the world to get a special prize.
  • Medium sized demons have been added; they are the middle ground between common and giant ones
  • Encounter the blacksmith prodigy Kiyomaro who provides superior bonuses
  • Every weapon has updated actions added to their movesets
  • Players can gain temporary buffs and skills by eating Kuon’s meals
  • New recipes are added as more requests or story events are cleared
  • New customization options are available for protagonists.


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