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Titanfall War Games dlc screen shots and details

Respawn Entertainment has just published a column dedicated to the first of the 3 new maps that come with the first expansion Titanfall called War Games . The scenario is based on the level of training simulator where a minimalist area and other areas inspired the scenarios will Rise , Angel City and Sierra Airbase .

“The concept of a level simulator allowed us to have thematic areas as hardpoints, while the buildings downtown are smooth and flat as the rooms of the training missions.” Said the study. “The IMC structure begins in the Airbase style (…) The central tower is based on Rise, with small rooms connected by a huge wall and narrow in the middle. (…) And the hand of the military is based Angel City, but with a twist night. ”


It should be added that, as this is a simulator, some areas will have errors that will leave surfaces glimpse simulator.

The study explained that the charge was to create a scenario, not only mixed, but also ideal for parkour because they have a tool that allows them to know what are the areas where players are more on the walls, although the central part of this map also provide space battles between titans.


“War Games is one of our most friendly maps with sliding walls, with a fun visual appeal and plenty Titans fight in large scale battles. Hope you enjoy it and also the other levels in the Expedition Pack.

The other 2 maps will Swampland, with a more natural approach and Runoff. The DLC will be available in May.


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